Whatever the reason, having your contract terminated at a company is never a nice feeling. You might associate getting fired with poor performance, misconduct or lengthy absence – which are some of the more common reasons – but there are a range of scenarios that can lead to dismissal and in some cases, a dismissal can seem to have come from out of nowhere; for something that you were unaware was a wrong-doing and sackable offence.

We’re taught that working hard will guarantee career success but there are some surprising reasons to get fired that are not necessarily connected to your ability to do a job well.

Lying on a job application

You might think that promising the world to your employer will paint you in a good light but if you can’t fulfil the promises, what’s the point? You’ve set yourself up to fail.  By lying on your job application to make it appear that you’re capable of fulfilling all responsibilities, you are sure to be found out sooner or later.  And if as a result of lying your target becomes unreachable, your employer could come to the conclusion that you’ve underperformed according to what you have said you are capable of.

You might think that once you’ve been awarded the job, you’re in the clear. But your employer will soon find out when you’re unable to complete tasks. For that reason, never lie on a job application as it always catches up with you.


Employers are aware that the majority of employees will drink alcohol every now and again. They themselves might come into work the morning after a few too many drinks. It happens. It becomes a problem for employers when it starts to impact on their work and becomes a regular occurrence. From here, it will come down to the specific company’s policy on alcohol use and its disciplinary procedure.

Misusing company supplies

You might not think twice about taking a printer cartridge home if your home printer has run out. It might seem like a harmless act but if you’re caught out, the employer will view this as stealing. Regardless of the item’s value, this is gross misconduct and you can be dismissed immediately.

Calling in sick

What can be wrong with calling in sick? Well, there are two potential sackable offences here: taking too many sick days and lying about being ill. The way an employer will go about dismissing the employee will vary for each offence. Lying in order to have a day off work is deceitful and can damage the operations of a business, turning your lie into gross misconduct.

Sharing your life on social media

Social media’s role in both our personal and work lives continues to grow. Social posts on personal accounts that reflect poorly on businesses can be deemed as misconduct. Where an employee’s post is found to be in breach of social media policy, the employer has grounds on which to take disciplinary action. Think about who will be able to see what you’re posting before pressing the share button.

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