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You may have seen the news today that the well-known company Johnson & Johnson have lost a legal case in the USA and have to pay the victim a huge £51million. The victim had ovarian cancer which she says was caused by decades of use of baby powder.

This was fiercely contested by Johnson & Johnson. Most of the award was for what is known as punitive damages, to punish the company. In the UK punitive damages are only available in extremely limited circumstances. I appreciate that it is very easy to become alarmed and frightened about this development and potential link, as millions of us use or have used Johnson & Johnson baby talc powder. However, research suggests that there isn’t sufficient evidence to link the talc with ovarian cancer and so the USA case is most likely to go to an appeal court.

According to BBC News, Cancer Research UK has said that evidence for a link between talc use and ovarian cancer is “still uncertain” and that “Even if there is a risk it is likely to be fairly small.”

Do not jump to alarming conclusions if you have used this product for many years – as you will see charities are suggesting that any risk is small and is nothing like the risk of alcohol or tobacco. However, if you are overly concerned, then talk to a medical practitioner.

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