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Commercial mediation

Have you ever considered mediation as a way to resolve a business dispute?  Would you like to know whether it’s really likely to save any money and if decisions made through mediation are legally binding?

In our commercial mediation guide, we cover everything you need to know about why businesses should consider commercial mediation as a form of dispute resolution, as opposed to going to court.

To download our guide to commercial mediation, click on the link below:

Download your guide to commercial mediation.

More information about commercial mediation

If you are in a position where you have the beginnings of a business dispute, or having an ongoing matter which doesn’t look as though it will become resolved without the help of a judge, commercial mediation may be a quick and cost effective way to resolve your dispute.  For more information about getting started with commercial mediation and what exactly would be involved, in relation to your business’ individual circumstances, contact Tim Bennett at: