Recreational boating accidents are occurring more frequently.  These often involve fatalities, usually when a swimmer is seriously injured or killed on impact, as a result of collision with a jet-ski, water-skier or a pleasure boat.

With the recovery of the economy underway, confidence in spending is increased, which has contributed towards a rise in global tourism.  More holidays mean more accidents, and for those where boats are involved, the vast majority are preventable.

Famous boating accidents

Whilst boating accidents are on the rise, this isn’t a new thing.  There have been several famous boating tragedies, such as the death of ‘Fairytale of New York’ singer Kirsty MacColl, who was killed by a 31ft Percalito boat, whilst scuba diving in Mexico, with her sons in 2000.

More recently, R’n’B singer Usher experienced tragedy when his step-son Kile Glover, was injured and later died, as a result of a collision with a family friend’s jet ski, as he was riding an inflatable on Lake Lanier in Georgia USA, in 2012.

Causes of boating accidents

The most common cause of boating accidents is operator inexperience or inattention.  Cruise ships, which are basically floating cities, can lack fundamental safety policies, protocols and procedures and boating whilst intoxicated is increasingly becoming a popular illegal activity.

Could the boating accident have been prevented?

If you have been injured during a boating or water-related activity, the chances are that your injury could have been prevented.  Check with an expert whether you may have a personal injury case.

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