As you are probably aware, if you are a victim of a road traffic accident where someone else is at fault, you are usually entitled to compensation under English law.  Although many cases are clear cut when it comes to who is at fault, some road traffic accidents involve fault by more than one person.

For this reason, it’s crucial to contact specialist road traffic accident solicitors as soon as you are involved in a road accident as, even if your actions had a role in the accident, you may still be able to make a successful claim.

Can I still claim if my car accident was partly my fault?

You may be entitled to make a personal injury claim if it can be proven that, even though the accident was partly your fault, at least one other person was also to blame.

If you are injured in an accident where you are 100% to blame or where no other vehicles are involved (e.g. if due to your own error, you lost control of your car and drove into a wall) you will not be able to claim compensation.

How much compensation can I claim for an accident that was partly my fault?

The specialist road traffic accident solicitors at Bray & Bray will be able to advise you on every aspect of your case, including the amount of compensation you are likely to receive.

A personal injury claim for an accident that was partly your fault will be more complex than a claim where blame can be easily placed upon another individual.  Your compensation will reflect the level of blame attributed to you.  For example, if it is decided that you are 60% to blame for a road accident where another driver was 40% to blame, you will receive 40% of the full value of your claim.

How is blame attributed in a road traffic accident case?

In road traffic accidents involving a number of parties, proving who is responsible can be a complex task. To help your road traffic accident solicitors achieve the best outcome for you, it is helpful if you can collect as much information as possible after the accident.  You should try to:

  • Exchange personal details (including names, phone numbers, insurance details, addresses and car registration details) with all individuals involved in the accident
  • If possible, take photos of the scene of the accident as a record of the collision and its location
  • Take note of all the vehicles involved (including colour, registration number, damage caused and the vehicle owner)
  • If possible, get the contact details of any witnesses
  • Avoid getting into discussions about blame
  • Make sure the accident is reported to your insurance company and, if necessary, the police, as soon as possible
  • Get appropriate medical attention from emergency services, hospital or your GP for your injuries – no personal injury claim can go ahead without a record of your injuries in your medical notes
  • Keep a diary of the symptoms and severity of your injuries
  • Keep receipts and records for any expenses you incur as a direct result of the accident (e.g. loss of earnings, medical expenses and travel expenses)

The more detailed picture of events you can supply to your road traffic accident solicitor, the more chance you have of making a successful claim.

What kind of incidents can road traffic accident solicitors help with?

As well as accidents involving two or more vehicles, Bray & Bray can advise on personal injury claims for accidents involving motorbikes, cyclists, pedestrians and horse riders.  We can also help if the accident takes place abroad.

We can even advise you if you have been involved in an accident where you weren’t wearing a seatbelt.  But do bear in mind, if it is proven that your injuries could have been prevented or would have been less serious if you’d been wearing a seatbelt, your compensation will be reduced to reflect this.

How does the road traffic accident claim process work?

Firstly, we will advise you on whether or not you have a case.  If you do have a case, we will identify and put in place the best funding arrangement for you.  We will then:

  • Inform the other party/ies’ insurer/s of the grounds for your personal injury claim
  • Obtain medical evidence detailing the injuries you have suffered and any necessary treatment and rehabilitation
  • Gather details of any financial losses you have suffered as a result of the accident

Once we have all this information we will negotiate the best settlement for your injuries and financial losses.

Solicitors specialising in road traffic accident claims

In order to pursue a personal injury claim for a road traffic accident where you are partly to blame, you will need the services of a highly experienced and supportive solicitor with proven expertise. Contact us for more information on any of the following numbers: