Hearing loss and tinnitus are huge problems in the UK.  Many people suffer from hearing loss which can be a result of accident, age, particular medication, disease or noise exposure.

Claims for compensation can be considered in some circumstances where you are exposed to excessive noise usually within your work place.  There are a range of industries where noise is a factor including:

  • Engineering
  • Manufacturing eg cars, brick making, shoes, packing and extrusion machines
  • Construction industry
  • Steel production
  • Textile mills
  • Military

This is by no means a complete list.

The noise has to be excessive and exposure is normally over a long period of time for a significant part of your day without any ear protection being provided, or without adequate protection being provided and without any guidance from your employer.

What is tinnitus?

Tinnitus is a buzzing or ringing in the ears and is also a potential result of exposure to excessive noise.  It is a particularly nasty condition to suffer from and as both noise induced hearing loss and tinnitus are permanent the effects on daily living can be profound.  Some of the symptoms and effects are not hearing the TV and having to have it turned up so loud, not hearing the telephone or doorbell and not being able to engage in conversation and with tinnitus sometimes pain, a great deal of frustration and anxiety to name a few.  I have dealt with cases where the tinnitus has been so severe that the client has required psychological counselling.

How long do you have to make a claim?

Often the noise exposure has occurred over many years and sometimes many years ago.  This can create a problem with time limits in being able to make a claim.  Accordingly, this issue has to be addressed first in every case because if it is out of time now there is nothing that you can do.  We will help you to deal with this issue and to do this need a range of documents including:

  • Any hearing test results from the past
  • Details of previous protection provided
  • Details of previous guidance given
  • Noise surveys
  • Medical records
  • Occupational Health records

The message therefore is to seek advice as soon as possible and do not wait, we will advise on the time limits and the claim itself having dealt with hundreds of industrial deafness or noise induced hearing loss and tinnitus claims in the past. 

‘Jumping on the bandwagon’

By seeing if you are entitled to claim, you are not jumping on any bandwagon as the press, insurance companies and the Government would like you to believe; you are simply investigating whether your permanent injury has been caused by negligence or a breach of duty.

Advice about psychological injury and making a claim

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