Solicitors take part in treats and celebrations

On Tuesday 21st October, members of staff at Bray & Bray’s head office in Leicester celebrated Diwali and raised money for local charity Twenty Twenty.

To celebrate Diwali, which falls on Thursday 23rd October this year, staff at Bray & Bray’s head office in Leicester took part in a traditional Indian Diwali feast, cooked and prepared by Bray & Bray employees Kelly Kaur, Gita Patel and Ella Daudia.

Despite it being half term, almost every member of staff who was present during lunch time paid a donation to enjoy a meal, which included: chicken curry, chick peas and potato curry, dhokra, pakoras, rice, salad, naan, chutney and Indian sweets.

A raffle was also organised, with prizes including a home-made Indian takeaway for 2 and meals for 2 kindly donated by local restaurants Altro Mondo on Humberstone Road in Leicester and Chutney Ivy on Halford Street in Leicester.

At the end of lunch, £240 had been raised for local charity Twenty Twenty, which helps hundreds of disadvantaged and disengaged young people from Leicester and Leicestershire to achieve in education and enter the world of work.

Speaking about the success of the event, organiser Kelly Kaur comments: “It has been a pleasure to see the amount of enthusiasm people had when joining in celebrations for Diwali and r