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Client Feedback: Conveyancing in Market Harborough

Client feedback: Jennifer Hobbs

When Jennifer was given just several weeks’ notice to move out of her rented property, she took the opportunity to get on the property ladder, but was worried that she would not complete in time to have somewhere to move into once her notice was up.  A colleague recommended Lyn Bloore at Bray & Bray’s Market Harborough office and in her feedback interview, Jennifer explains how Lyn managed to exchange contracts on Jennifer’s house purchase, with 2 weeks to spare! 

What made you decide to use Bray & Bray? 

A colleague at work recommended Lyn and said that she was very competent.  Everything that Lyn did echoed what he said and proved that she was at the top of her game. 

Why were you moving? 

We were given a date of 22nd October to leave our rental property, which left us just 5 weeks from the day that our offer was accepted on the house that we wanted, to have moved by.  It was very stressful but I have to say that Lyn was very calm throughout and there wasn’t a single point that I thought we weren’t going to make the deadline. 

What were your first impressions of Lyn? 

Lyn sounded very calm when I first spoke to her.  Even though I kept saying we need to have moved by 22nd October, she took it all on board and was very methodical in her approach.  She was very organised and gave very clear instructions, which made it all really straightforward for us. 

Were there any issues that arose along the way, and if so, how were they handled? 

No; when our offer was accepted we hadn’t got the mortgage approved yet, but everything fell into place as and when it needed to.  On one or two occasions we had to chase the other side, but there was nothing more that Lyn could have done at any point and there were definitely no delays from our side. 

How would you rate Lyn for how well she met your expectations in terms of time and communication? 

Because we were under pressure to move, every day I would send Lyn an email to ask where we were that day.  Lyn would always come back to me with a helpful response on the same day.  Everything that she said was always very clearly communicated and if I ever had any questions, I felt like I could reach out to Lyn at any time and she would come back to me.

When the document pack arrived, containing things like the survey and title deeds, Lyn’s cover letter very clearly explained what each document was for and made it easier for us to see where we needed to focus our attention.  Throughout the whole process I felt like Lyn was always on top of things and that nothing was too much of an effort.  An absolute testament to Lyn and how much of a great job she did was to be able to say that we exchanged 2 weeks before we even had to move out!


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