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Employers’ Annual Advice Package: Employment Law Advice for Employers

Our all-inclusive annual advice package provides employers with immediately accessible, expert HR and employment law advice, available anytime at the end of the phone. 

By paying a monthly or annual fee, you will have access to expert HR and employment law advice on the following types of business issues, whenever you may need it: 

Included in our Employers’ Annual Advice Package: 

  • Termination of employment, in relation to:
    • Poor performance
    • Misconduct
    • Failed probationary period
    • Absence
    • Under 2 years’ service
    • Dealing with disciplinary issues
    • Managing grievance issues
    • Redundancies and the redundancy process
    • Discrimination claims
    • Contracts of employment
    • Terms and conditions of employment
    • Maternity and paternity leave rights and pay
    • Flexible working
    • Protecting yourself and your business, in relation to:
      • Intellectual property
      • Ownership of data and contacts
      • Confidential information
      • Social media use and reputation
      • Training and reviews 

Free training and HR reviews 

Within the Employers’ Annual Advice Package you are also entitled to: 

  • 1 hour for an employment and HR health check every 6 months (2 hours in total per year)
  • 2 hours per year for managerial level training about handling a topic of your choice e.g. managing poor performance or disciplinary procedures (can be split into two 1 hour sessions) 

Additional benefits 

Local network 

As full service solicitors we have a huge network of local service providers that we can recommend to you.  From surveyors to accountants, we would be happy to introduce you to professionals who can help you, at our seminars, monthly networking event or by setting up a one to one meeting.  


We run several very well attended HR and employment related seminars throughout the year, which you would be given priority to register for. 


Our employment law solicitors also have a great deal of experience with corporate and commercial matters, so as well as keeping you updated about interesting HR and employment related topics on a monthly basis, we can also let you know about corporate related legal issues that may be useful to you, too. 

Further advice 

As specialist employment law solicitors, we are also available to advise you about legal issues that are more complex than those included in the Employers’ Annual Advice Package.  For advice about the following matters you would need to see a specialist employment solicitor separately: 

  • Director or shareholder issues
  • Employment tribunal claims and representation
  • Other issues that cannot be dealt with over the phone and which would require a face to face meeting 

Speak to our employment law solicitors

For more information about this package, or for any other enquiry relating to HR matters and employment law, please contact employment and corporate law specialist Ian Lewis on idlewis@braybray.co.uk or call our offices using the contact details below to speak to a member of the team.

Leicester call us on 0116 254 8871.

Hinckley call us on 01455 639 900.

Market Harborough call us on 01858 467 181.

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