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Legal Funding Methods

We are aware that often funding is one of the biggest problems you may face as a client when considering starting or defending legal proceedings. We can help you in reviewing your case and we will be able to explain to you various funding options that you may not be aware of.  We offer our clients a variety of funding methods. We will ensure that your case is funded in a way that is in your best interests. In the right circumstance, we can offer the following methods of funding your case:-

Conditional Fee Agreements (No Win No Fee)

We can represent you on a “No Win No Fee” basis. If the case has good merits and we are confident that your opponent is able to pay your legal costs if you win then we may be prepared to fight the case on your behalf at the risk that we do not get paid if you do not win your case. While you will be responsible for our legal costs if you win your case, those costs which will include a Success Fee will normally be recovered from your opponent. If you are not successful in your case, you will not have to pay us any costs. Our usual practice is to ensure that our No Win No Fee clients have an insurance policy in place to provide them with cover to pay their opponents costs if their case is not successful.

Fixed legal fees 

We regularly act on the basis that an agreed fee is fixed for each stage in a claim. Fixed fees are based on the likely time and work involved, and the facts of each individual case. In particular we regularly offer fixed fees on the following types of work:-

  • Debt Collection
  • Residential Landlord and Tenant
  • Some insolvency work

Legal expenses insurance

It may be the case that you have legal expenses cover, provided for in an existing insurance policy. Legal expense insurance is often included in home or motor insurance policies as an added benefit and we find many clients have this insurance cover with being aware of the fact. If in doubt please speak to us.

Private paying

Your case can be funded on the basis of time that we spend working on your file. If this is the case, we will ensure that you are given detailed costs estimates, both at the start of the matter and as your case progresses. We would usually raise interim bills to you on a monthly or bi-monthly basis, dependent on the amount of work being carried out for you.

The general costs position

With most litigation, the general costs position is that the successful party is entitled to a Court Order that the unsuccessful party must pay their costs. Costs are always at the discretion of the Court. In addition please be aware that it is very rare to make a full 100% recovery of the costs you have paid in either pursuing or defending your legal claim. Our normal advice to our clients is that if they are successful in their case they should expect to recover in the region of 60% to 80% of their actual cost. Also please note that an order that your opponent must pay your costs is only as good as your opponent’s ability to pay.  

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