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Shareholder Agreements

What is a shareholder agreement?

A shareholder agreement is an agreement put in place between the shareholders of a company.  Depending on the specific nature of its contents, a shareholder agreement can also go by the name of an “investment agreement”; a “subscription agreement” or a “joint venture agreement”.  What all of these agreements have in common is that they regulate the relationship between the shareholders (and typically the directors) of a company. 

What is typically included in a shareholder agreement?

Key areas a shareholder agreement typically covers include: -

  • The business of the company 
  • Shareholder dividend policies
  • The day to day running of the company
  • Appointment and removal of directors
  • What happens if the shareholders fall out
  • Restrictive covenants placed on shareholders
  • Borrowing money
  • To whom shareholders can transfer their shares (and to whom they cannot)
  • Issuing new shares

But company law rules say what I can and cannot do in relation to my company don’t they?

The answer to that is yes, if you do not have a shareholders agreement

But, by having a shareholders agreement in place you can override or adjust the position of the company law rules.  For example, if you are a minority shareholder in a company, company law rules say that you only have limited rights and powers of control in relation to your company.  Whereas, a shareholder agreement can be drafted to give minority shareholders greater protection than company law rules provide on their own. 

Likewise, if you are a majority shareholder, you may want to place more onerous obligations and restrictions on a minority shareholder than that provided by company law rules alone.

Documents required for shareholder agreements

The types of documents that are required to implement shareholder arrangements include:

  • Shareholder agreement (or investment agreement; subscription agreement or joint venture agreement)
  • Articles of association
  • Board minutes
  • Shareholder resolutions
  • Companies House forms

Timings and the cost of a shareholder agreement

Once you have an idea of the points and issues you want to include in a shareholder agreement, the shareholders agreement itself (together with the supporting documentation to implement the arrangements) can be produced in a few days.  Timing can be affected by any points and issues that need to be negotiated between the shareholders.

How to make a shareholders agreement

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