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Whatever is agreed when you are getting divorced could affect your finances for the rest of your life, which is why it is important to make the right decision.

What financial aspects can be involved in a divorce?

  • Mortgages
  • Joint bank accounts
  • Shared savings
  • Credit cards
  • Property overseas
  • Maintenance if children are involved
  • Pension sharing

How best to keep the costs down

When discussing your finances, the best way to keep the costs down is to keep things amicable between you and your spouse.  Many of our clients come to us saying that they are agreeable in their separation and want to resolve things as easily and cost effectively as possible.

We are always happy to endorse this approach.  However, it is vital that you do take legal advice regarding your finances when divorcing, so that you are not later prevented from obtaining what you are entitled to.  An example of where this can happen is described below:

“The remarriage trap”

The remarriage trap arises where the respondent (the person against whom a divorce is issued) remarries following their divorce, but before they have made an application to resolve financial matters.

Remarriage also prevents a person from claiming maintenance for themselves from their former spouse.

Making decisions in your best interests

Sometimes just having a chat to clarify your legal position regarding your finances is all you may need – particularly if your divorce is amicable.  We deal with many divorce appointments on a fixed fee basis, so that we can outline your options and help you to make decisions about how best to proceed, based on what is in your best interests.

Local family lawyers

To speak to a specialist family and divorce lawyer over the telephone today, use the numbers below for our Leicester, Hinckley and Market Harborough offices.

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