Many people will have been lucky enough to receive an experience day activity as a Christmas gift.  These come in all guises but some of the most popular are driving experiences whether it be a supercar around a track, an off road experience, go-karting or even driving a tank.  Other popular activities are zorbing, bungee jumping, paintballing and high ropes.

These can all be great fun and in the vast majority of cases all you are left with after the experience are the great memories and perhaps some photographs.  Unfortunately sometimes things go wrong – accidents happen – and you are left with injuries that are often life changing in nature.

It would be a sad thing never to try out new experiences for fear of injury and if an accident happens and it was unavoidable then that is just part of ordinary everyday life.  However, sometimes accidents should not happen and they could, should and would have been avoided had better care been taken.

Types of experience day accidents

The types of experience day accidents that the personal injury lawyers at Bray & Bray regularly come across include:

  • Crashes because of faulty or poorly maintained vehicles whether that be tyre pressure, worn seatbelts and harnesses or inadequately maintained brakes
  • Broken bones when the bindings fail whilst zorbing
  • Injuries caused by fellow participants going over the top and not being adequately supervised, for example whilst paintballing

Our personal injury lawyers have a great deal of experience in these types of accidents and injuries (both personally as well as professionally!).  This experience helps us to focus on why the accident happened and how it should have been avoided.

Do not give up on trying out new experiences but do not suffer in silence if you have been injured through the fault of somebody else.

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