Due to legal aid cuts, many people getting divorced or seeking a children/financial order are not always able to afford to use a specialist family lawyer from start to finish during their case.  So, if you don’t instruct a lawyer at the start, can you just use one to represent you at Court?

Limited legal costs

The answer to this is yes and we encourage people who can only afford a limited amount of legal advice, to prioritise what they really need a lawyer for and to use their budget for Court representation.  As well as being a scary place (particularly for someone who has never been there before) going to Court is often the pinnacle of a legal case, where important decisions are made, which are often very difficult (and expensive) to then challenge afterwards.

Advice when going to Court

By making sure that you have a professional family lawyer who understands your case and is on your side, you have a far greater chance of achieving the result you want when you go to Court.

In a recent survey that we carried out, of which 85% of respondents had either full or joint access to their children, a third said that the most effective way of solving a children related issue was through using a specialist family lawyer and going to Court.

Tailored family law services

In addition to just paying for a lawyer to represent you at Court, we can also do other work for you at a fixed price, such as divorce, so that you have options about what a family lawyer can do for you, based on how much you can afford to spend.

For more information about tailored services or to book an initial fixed fee appointment, contact our family law teams at each of our offices, below.