Extensive skills and expertise to help you and your partner negotiate child-focused arrangements in the event of parental separation


Many marriages and relationships break down every year, but children should still continue to have a good relationship with both parents. When it comes to children arrangements, Bray & Bray’s expert family solicitors can help you and your partner come to the best agreement for everyone involved.

Our approach to considering child contact

The subject of child contact can be a contentious one, particularly if a divorce is on the grounds of adultery or unreasonable behaviour. However, it’s important to consider the short and long-term implications that your decisions will have on your family.

Our family lawyers have extensive experience in dealing with difficult cases of this nature and have the necessary skills and expertise to negotiate child-focused arrangements. We can help you resolve practical issues over handovers and direct contact, disputes around education, and holiday permissions and relocation.

We approach each child contact and maintenance case on an individual basis, coming up with solutions to suit your specific situation. If no agreement is reached, we have a wealth of experience in representing both parents and grandparents in the family courts.

Advice about child maintenance payments 

If you need advice on child maintenance payments, the Child Maintenance Agency (CMA) can assist. The CMA can work out how much maintenance needs to be paid and can also collect payments on behalf of a parent.

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