Sympathetic but professional legal advice for ending your marriage, allowing you and your partner to move on with your lives


Filing for divorce is rarely an easy decision and it is vital that separating couples have the knowledgeable support of qualified legal professionals with the relevant experience to ensure you are able to make informed decisions to resolve your differences.

Here at Bray & Bray, we have helped many couples to end their marriage with the aim of as little distress as possible on both sides.

We understand how difficult divorce can be and the services that our divorce lawyers provide are sympathetic but professional. We’ll pursue the fastest solution available, allowing you and your partner to move on with your lives.

Filing for divorce

In April 2021, the law regarding divorces in the UK changed significantly and couples who want an amicable split no longer have to provide a reason for divorcing.

There are two ways you can apply for a divorce:

  • A joint application – both partners have to separately confirm that they want to continue with the divorce application at each stage.
  • A sole application – you will need to use this method if your partner does not agree to a divorce or you think that they will not cooperate or respond to notifications from the court.

Our expert family solicitors can help you to establish which route suits your circumstances and steer you through the process of filing for divorce.

Financial considerations

It is always advisable to obtain expert advice from a specialist family lawyer before reaching any financial settlement as part of a divorce. We can help you with:

  • Financial settlements including splitting property and other assets
  • Pension orders
  • Childcare arrangements
  • Clean break orders

Divorce costs and fixed fee divorces

Financial worries about the cost of divorce only add to what is already a difficult time and this is why we offer competitively-priced fixed fee divorces in certain circumstances. To find out more speak to our family lawyers at any of our offices.

To speak with one of our specialist family law solicitors, please call 0116 254 8871 or alternatively you can click the contact us button and email your enquiry using the contact form.