Expertly prepared pre-nuptial agreements that will stand up in court


Pre-nuptial agreements (also known as pre-nups) are signed by a couple in anticipation of marriage. They provide clarification on how they wish to deal with financial arrangements, both during the marriage and in the event that there is a marriage breakdown. The parties may also wish to deal with other non-financial arrangements in the agreement, for example in relation to the upbringing of any children.

Contrary to popular belief, pre-nups are not binding under English law. However, sensible and reasonable agreements are increasingly determining the type of financial settlement made by the judge in divorce proceedings. English law is therefore now leaning in favour of upholding pre-nuptial agreements if it was freely entered into by each party with a full appreciation of its implications.

Considerations when making a pre-nuptial agreement

Pre-nuptial agreements can be extremely useful to anyone entering into a marriage where they already have an amount of wealth and wish to preserve their financial assets in the event of a marriage subsequently failing. It is extremely important that the pre-nuptial agreement is prepared correctly if it is to have a significant effect in any divorce settlement.

It is also important that if there are changes in the parties’ circumstances, the terms of the original pre-nuptial agreement are reviewed with the consent of both parties.

How Bray & Bray can help

Our experienced team of family solicitors have the knowledge and expertise to prepare pre-nuptial agreements that will stand up in court. We will ensure the agreement is fair and reasonable and that both parties fully understand its implications.

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