Expert spinal injury claims advice from specialist solicitors who will help to get the most from your compensation claim


If you have suffered a spinal injury through the fault of someone else, our specialist personal injury solicitors are well versed in obtaining all of the medical details needed to get the most from your compensation claim.

By knowing what to look for and instructing the relevant people, we take into account every way in which a spinal injury may affect you throughout your life and build this into your compensation claim. Our team will also arrange rehabilitation to support your recovery.

Our approach to spinal injury claims

Our specialist personal injury solicitors will engage various experts to help with your claim to act as expert witnesses, for example for rehabilitation and treatment. The number of experts we use will vary depending upon the type and severity of your injury, but you can routinely expect to be seen by some of the following:

  • Spinal injuries consultant
  • Neurologist
  • Case manager (to assist you and your family in every aspect of post-accident life)
  • Care expert
  • Occupational therapist (to deal with aids and equipment)
  • Physiotherapist
  • Architect (to deal with accommodation requirements)
  • Assisted technology expert (to identify equipment to maximise your independence and quality of life)
  • Speech and language therapist
  • Psychiatrist
  • Psychologist
  • Employment consultant

You may not need to see all the above experts, but in some cases, more will be required.

Every spinal cord injury is serious and unique and cannot be dealt with in the same way, which is why you’ll always receive a personal service from our team as well as high-quality legal advice that is relevant to your individual circumstances.

To speak with one of our specialist personal injury solicitors, please call 0116 204 5366 or alternatively you can click the contact us button and email your enquiry using the contact form.