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With many people living into older age, families are increasingly worrying about how they will pay for care homes, whether for their own care or for their parents. At Bray & Bray we can advise and guide you through care home planning and the various options available.

It can be a complex question to navigate as the funding available will be affected by a number of factors such as savings and property ownership, as well as whether the care needed is for a ‘primary health need’ rather than social care (support with daily living activities such as cooking or getting dressed).

Our approach to care home planning

Our specialist team will take the time to understand a your personal circumstances to help you and your family understand how your particular needs will be met, when you will have fund care yourself, and when it will be covered by the Local Authority.

We will talk you through the options and help you decide what type of care is needed and who you need to contact to arrange a place in the right type of care home. We can also help families arranging residential care for parents or other relatives.

Your pension and other income will be used as a contribution towards fees if you need to move into a care home. If your income doesn’t cover the full cost, your home and other capital would then potentially need to be used.

Watch our video with guidance for families on care home planning:

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