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Deputyships are appointed by the Court of Protection to act in the best interests of a person who is incapable of making decisions for themselves and who doesn’t have a Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA) in place.

Similar to an LPA, there are two types of deputyships:

  • property and financial affairs deputy who can take care of your financial interests such as bills, insurances and pensions
  • personal welfare deputy who can make decisions about your medical treatment and care

If a person is unable to make decisions for themselves due to a lack of mental capacity and they do not have a power of attorney in place, you can apply to become their deputy and look after their best interests.

Our approach to deputyships

Our solicitors are experts in helping people who want to become deputies. We understand that when this is the case you will most likely be experiencing a difficult situation involving a loved one who has lost mental capacity. We will make sure that the application process is completed as swiftly and smoothly as possible.

We will help you gather all the relevant information needed for the initial application, and deal with all the stages as the application progresses. We will also offer ongoing support and guidance as you move on to making decisions on behalf of the person you’re supporting, so that you know you’re not alone in handling your responsibility.

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