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Lasting powers of attorney (LPAs) and deputyships make it possible for someone you trust to make decisions for you regarding your health, to access your finances, or look after your best interests if you are not able to do this for yourself.

The reasons an LPA may be needed could include medical illnesses, accidents and injuries as well as long-term health issues such as dementia.  Allowing at least one person the power to make decisions for you if you become mentally incapable of making them for yourself is something that everyone should take the time to consider.

There are two types of lasting power of attorney – one for property and financial affairs and one for personal welfare:

  • Health and welfare lasting power of attorney:  allows the person you have nominated to make decisions about your medical treatment and care, including decisions about going into care or life support. This power can only be used when you lack mental capacity to make these decisions yourself.
  • Property and affairs lasting power of attorney: allows the person you have nominated to manage your finances, including accessing your bank account, paying your bills or buying you things that you need. They can also sell your home and organise the payment of care home fees. This power can be used both whilst you have capacity and if you lose capacity in the future.

If something happens and you lose capacity to make your own decisions without an LPA in place, you can be given a deputy by the Court of Protection, who will act in your best interests.

Our approach to Lasting Powers of Attorney

We will take time to listen to your concerns and help you decide which type of LPA is best for you. We will explain the benefits and reasons why the LPA could benefit you and your family, for example if you suffer an accident or fall ill and just need a little help staying on top of your day-to-day financial responsibilities such as arranging mortgage payments from your account.

We can also help you if you believe an LPA is being used fraudulently or you have a dispute over the registration of an LPA.  Our dispute resolution team will be able to support you in addressing your concerns and bringing the situation to a rapid conclusion.

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