Supporting you with sound advice to help you make the right legal decisions with all aspects of property development


If you are looking to buy land or buildings to develop or develop your own land or buildings, our commercial property solicitors can help to make sure that the legal decisions made along the way are the right ones.

Our approach to property development

We will ensure that our team is on hand to advise you on how to protect your interest in relation to property development, including support with different types of contracts. Our advice will be honest, straightforward and designed to help you achieve the outcome you seek from your development.

Our services

We help clients with all legal details in property development, including:

  • Options and conditional contracts
  • Investigation of sites – checking legal title, restrictive covenants and rights of third parties, and relevant searches
  • Assistance with funding – reporting to your lender on the title; liaising with any other professionals involved, such as the lender’s valuer
  • Overage provisions – an agreement by a buyer, typically of undeveloped land, to pay a further sum of money to the seller if certain situations arise. A seller often wishes to reserve a right to that further sum on very strict terms, and a buyer needs to ensure the provisions are not so stringent as to blight the land
  • Agreements with service providers – liaising with the relevant company or authority on easements, wayleaves and Section 104 agreements.

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