Getting your formal agreements in place for successful collaborations while protecting your future interests


Partnering or collaborating with another person or business can be exciting and daunting. Getting the right agreements in place from the outset is vital for ensuring that all parties’ expectations are clear and future interests are protected.

Our corporate and commercial team are experts in advising and dealing with a variety of joint ventures and partnerships for businesses of all sizes.

Corporate joint ventures can be entered into by individuals or corporate entities and are often used when two or more parties collaborate together on a specific project. A joint venture agreement or shareholders’ agreement will operate to regulate all parties’ dealings with one another at shareholder and director level.

Our approach to joint venture agreements

Each joint venture is unique. Our team will liaise with both parties to get a good understanding of what you are trying to achieve before providing relevant advice and solutions that will help you to meet these goals and prevent future misunderstandings or disputes.

In the event of a business dispute between a partnership or joint venture, our commercial dispute resolution experts can help to swiftly resolve the issue.

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