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Injunctions & Emergency Court Applications

There are occasions when it is necessary for a business or sometimes for an individual to apply to Court for an order requiring another Party to do something or, as is more often the case, not to do something. These Court applications are called Injunctions.

An Injunction is often applied for in an emergency where speed is of the essence.

Injunctions can be used in a variety of situations. Examples where an Injunction might be necessary are as follows:

  • Shareholder disputes
  • Preventing infringement of copyright, intellectual property or trademarks
  • Preventing the wrongful use of confidential information and trade secrets
  • Preventing an ongoing breach of contract
  • A search and seizure order of documents or information which may have been wrongfully obtained
  • A Freezing Order to prevent a party from disposing of its assets both prior to a trial and following, prior to the enforcement of any Judgment
  • In the context of boundary disputes and party wall disputes.

We are able to advise our clients whether or not an Injunction is the right form of action for their needs. If an injunction is appropriate then we are often have to make the Court application at very short notice.

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