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Professional Negligence Advice

Don’t you hate being let down by someone who your thought you could trust?

If you receive poor service from a professional (for example an Accountant, Surveyor, Financial Advisor or Solicitor) the feeling of being let down can be even greater.

We hope that you will receive good service from all of your professional advisors, however, if you are one of the unfortunate ones who does not, and as a result you suffer a financial loss, then we may be able to help you.

There are many other ways in which you may be let down by a professional advisor. If you or someone you know has suffered injury as a result of a GP or medical professional’s negligence, then you or they may have a clinical negligence claim to bring and you should speak to a member of our personal injury team.

Whatever the nature of the poor advice that you have received, we can advise you on whether you have a claim for compensation. We can help you cut through the jargon that may be used if your initial complaint is not treated seriously.

Our experienced solicitors

We have experience in a variety of claims against different professionals, the most recent of which include claims against Solicitors, Architects and Accountants.

Tim Bennett our Partner who heads the Litigation Department is a member of the Professional Negligence Lawyers’ Association.

Using us to pursue a professional negligence claim shows that you mean business. Once a claim is presented to its best advantage, we often find that the professional will wish to settle. We will look for alternative methods of resolving disputes, without the need to issue legal proceedings, but if proceedings do become necessary you can rest assured that we are experience in pursuing professional negligence claims for our clients through the Courts.

Please see our section on “Litigation Funding Methods” as this contains helpful advice on the difference ways to funding a case.

Finally, please note that sometimes mistakes made by a professional may not come to light until many years after the mistake was made. Generally, professional negligence claims must be brought within 6 years of the date the negligent work/service was provided, or from the date you suffered your financial loss. There are exceptions to this rule. If you feel that you may have a potential negligence claim, or would like advice on whether you have, please contact us as soon as possible.

Speak to a solicitor about professional negligence claims

Contact our team today and we guarantee you’ll always deal with the same solicitor for the duration of your case.

Bray and Bray has three main offices in Leicestershire, contact us to discuss an enquiry or a case you have or feel free to pop in and see us at your local office by clicking on the links below;

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