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Managing workplace disputes


Dealing swiftly with workplace disputes

 Regardless of how well you run your business and manage your employees, there is always likely to be an unwanted workplace dispute looming in the background. 

 A disgruntled employee can be extremely disruptive in the workplace and an ongoing disciplinary process or grievance can have an unsettling effect on the working environment. Our team of employment law experts can help you deal with the disgruntled employee, the unwanted disciplinary and the unsettling grievance.  

 Our approach

 We are here to listen, advise and to assist you with the unpleasant but sometimes inevitable workplace dispute. They can be disruptive, distracting, time consuming and, if not managed properly, costly.   

Seeking advice as soon as a dispute is likely is imperativeBeing proactive can save time and money later. Our team will review the dispute and advise on the best course of action depending on the needs of the business. 

 No business can avoid an employee taking a dispute to an employment tribunal. However, the chances of the employee’s claim succeeding will fall or stand depending on the strategy adopted by the business at the outset.  

 The Bray & Bray team can assist with all types of employment disputes, as well as disciplinaries, grievances, terminations, settlement agreements and exit packages. 

 There are no winners in an employment dispute. However, the impact of the dispute can be greatly reduced depending on how the business responds 

We are here to help. Our disciplinary and grievance assistance scheme can help you to deal with a disciplinary issue or unwanted grievance.  

Speak to an employment law solicitor

If you are having an employment dispute and you need assistance, please contact us. 

Bray and Bray has three main offices in Leicestershire and one in Northamptonshire, contact us to discuss an enquiry or a case you have or feel free to pop in and see us at your local office by clicking on the links below:

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Corby call us on 01536 851050. Visits by appointment only.

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