Workplace disputes can rapidly escalate. Early advice from our experts can help reduce the impact on your business


Workplace disputes can rapidly escalate to an employment tribunal, which can be time-consuming, disruptive and costly to your business. Early advice from our specialist team can maximise your chances of successfully defending your claim and protecting your reputation.

Our approach

When a workplace dispute arises, our team of employment law and HR experts can work with you to proactively assess the situation and advise you of your options to reduce the impact on the business. This may include negotiating a settlement agreement or exit package.

Where a dispute does result in an employment tribunal, our experts will defend the claim and ensure that the business presents its case effectively to maximise your chances of success.

A guide to our costs for employment tribunals.

Employment tribunals for individuals

The Bray & Bray employment law experts also work with individuals who feel that an employer or potential employer has treated them unfairly. We have years of experience in dealing with complex cases of disagreements between employers and employees, and we have comprehensive knowledge of the law in this area. 

Cases which make up the majority of employment tribunal hearings include:

  • Unfair dismissal (when your employer does not have a good reason for dismissing you or they did not follow the company’s disciplinary procedure)
  • Discrimination (when your employer has behaved differently towards you based on your gender, sexual orientation, religion, disability etc)
  • Unfair deductions from your pay (deductions made outside the terms of your contract, or without your knowledge)

We can advise you on your options such as negotiating a settlement or pursuing mediation. If we believe that an employment tribunal is right for your case, we will support you every step of the way.

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