Helping you to resolve employment grievances, disciplinaries and disputes effectively and efficiently


Regardless of how well you run your business and manage your employees, there is always the possibility of an unwanted workplace dispute. Our team of employment law and HR experts can help you deal with grievances and disciplinaries, which could otherwise have a wider impact on your business and workforce.

Our team can assist with all types of employment disputes, including disciplinaries, grievances, terminations, settlement agreements and exit packages.

Our approach to grievances & disciplinaries

We will listen, advise and assist you with workplace disputes, with the aim of minimising any disruption and cost. 

Seeking advice as soon as a dispute is likely is important. Being proactive can save time and money later.Our team will review the dispute and advise on the best course of action depending on the needs of the business.

No business can avoid an employee taking a dispute to an employment tribunal. However, the chances of the employee’s claim succeeding could depend on the strategy adopted by the business at the outset.

There are no winners in an employment dispute. However, the impact of the dispute on the business can be greatly reduced depending on how, as a business, you respond to a dispute.

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