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Will Dispute Solicitors

A Will can only be valid if the person who made it had sufficient mental capacity. It must be made or signed voluntarily, without duress, and must be in writing, signed and witnessed correctly by two independent witnesses; otherwise it will not be valid.

If you have reason to believe that any of these processes have not been followed correctly, you should contact us immediately. We will advise you on the action that needs to be taken and work closely with you to resolve the issues with the least of disruption and delay as possible.

Sometimes the wording of a Will can be ambiguous and this can result in misinterpretation. If you feel a Will has been misinterpreted, or wish to dispute any grounds for misinterpretation, we can help.

It is not unknown for testators (the legal name for someone who makes a Will) to be tricked into signing a Will and from time to time it has been known for people to impersonate a testator; this is fraud and if it is suspected, there should be no hesitation in contacting us to commence investigations immediately.

How to dispute a Will

For advice and assistance contact our will dispute solicitors. Contact us to discuss an enquiry or a case you have or feel free to pop in and see us at your local office by clicking on the links below.

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