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Will-Drafting Professional Negligence Claims

A solicitor, or any Will writer, has a duty of care to their client and their potential beneficiaries. Unfortunately issues sometimes arise where, for example, there is a failure to make sure a Will is prepared in good time before the client dies; to check that there are no errors that may invalidate the Will; or to ensure it is validly signed and witnessed.

A solicitor also has a duty to administer an estate according to the correct legal procedure. If they do not, the executors may bring a claim for their financial losses.

The dedicated team at Bray & Bray Solicitors specialises in handling professional negligence claims and encourages anyone to contact them in the strictest of confidence if they think they have been legally misrepresented. Despite the common feeling of intimidation, it is vital to pursue such cases and to take advice as soon as possible.

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