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Guide: Common House Purchase Enquiries Solicitors Raise

The house purchase process is usually really exciting and most buyers will want to be moved in as soon as possible.  One part of the conveyancing process that can take a little time is the enquiries process, where your solicitor will raise enquiries for the seller’s solicitor to respond to.  This will usually involve the seller gathering information and providing answers to their solicitor, who in turn will respond to your solicitor.

The enquiries  will be questions around the property, its surroundings and its condition, which are necessary to fully satisfy your solicitor (and you if you’re cautious and want to make sure that a proper job is done!) with the knowledge that every possible potential cause for concern has been addressed, before you have committed to buy.

Whilst this can seem like a slightly long winded process at time, our guide explains why it’s a worthwhile process and what can happen if your solicitor doesn’t ask the right questions.


“A buyer’s guide: common enquiries solicitors raise when buying a house” covers:

  • What happens if you don’t raise enquiries when buying a house?
  • How to protect your house purchase
  • House condition and surroundings related enquiries
  • Maintenance related enquiries
  • Restrictions related enquiries
  • Rights of way and access related enquiries
  • Neighbour related enquiries
  • Contents enquiries
  • What happens if a seller doesn’t respond to enquiries

solicitor raising conveyancing enquiries


Advice about buying a house

At Bray & Bray Solicitors, our conveyancing teams are highly trained, fully qualified and wholly experienced in dealing with the sale and purchase of properties from start to finish.  We want to ensure that you are as happy as possible in your new home, so we make sure that you are as protected as possible during the process of purchasing it.

If answers to enquiries do highlight potential problems, we’ll help you to work out whether in light of this, the property is the right choice for you. However, at the end of the day, it will always be your decision to make; guided by the knowledge and insight that we have been able to provide you with through aspects of the conveyancing process, like raising relevant enquiries.

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