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Legal Separation without Divorce

Some couples may not want to make the very final decision to divorce, but still feel they need time away from the relationship; or they may have religious objections to divorce but still want to resolve financial matters. Commonly, people do not want to use a fault-based divorce and therefore wait until they have been separated for two years but still wish to resolve financial matters in the meantime.

A legal separation can be requested using the same reasons as a divorce but there is no need to prove a marriage has irretrievably broken down.

If you think a legal separation could be right for you and your partner contact the expert family lawyers here at Bray & Bray for advice.

Legal separation and marrying again

Remember that legal separation does not leave you or your partner free to marry again. If either party finds themselves in the situation where they wish to marry, then they must go through the proper divorce proceedings.

Why choose legal separation?

Typically, people choose legal separation because:

  • It gives time for reflection over whether or not a marriage is really over;
  • They disagree with divorce on religious or moral grounds;
  • There are financial issues involved in a split and legal help is required to resolve them

How to legally separate

A deed of separation

A deed of separation is the actual legal document which sets out the separation agreement. Most deeds of separation will state that:

  • A couple has agreed to live apart
  • They have agreed arrangements over children
  • They have agreed on maintenance payments
  • They have agreed over the occupation and ownership of their shared home

Contact our family law solicitors

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