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Constructive Dismissal Claims

Constructive dismissal is when someone is forced to leave their job because the behaviour of their employer or colleagues is intolerable. Unacceptable behaviour could include bullying or harassment with no intervention from senior management, or an employee may have been demoted without reason. If you have left a job because the behaviour of others in your workplace made it impossible to remain in your role Bray and Bray can help. We understand how distressing these situations are – and that it is a daunting prospect to challenge a former employer – but the law is there to protect you in these situations and we can help you to get the justice you deserve. To find out more call our employment experts now on 0116 254 8871.

Constructive dismissal law explained

In order for a case to be defined as constructive dismissal it must be demonstrated that the situation was very serious and that an employer made a significant breach of the employee’s contract. We have represented people in constructive dismissal cases who have been: • Bullied or harassed to an extent that they felt unable to work • Suddenly demoted or given a pay cut for no reason • Discriminated against due to their religious beliefs, sexuality or political beliefs • Denied the tools they need to carry out their role • Refused holiday, maternity or paternity leave, or breaks • Given new working hours which are impossible to achieve

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If you have been dismissed from your job and the circumstances lead you to believe that you were constructively dismissed we can help you to make a claim against your former employer. Doing so is within your rights and it is important to remember that constructive dismissal is illegal – you are not in the wrong for making a stand.

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