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Disciplinary & Grievance Issues

Your employer may be disciplining you, whilst they have a right to do so, they must do it properly. If you feel that they are not managing the situation properly and fairly, contact us to discuss what you can do.

You may also have been disciplined or dismissed. We can assist you in preparing your appeal and advising you on where your employer has potentially made mistakes.

If you have issues with the way in which you are being treated at work, you can also raise a grievance, and your employer is obliged to deal with it. We can assist you in formulating your grievance and having your employer take your issues seriously.

Ultimately these issues can lead in to claims such as unfair dismissal, constructive dismissal, discrimination, or unlawful deductions cases. Contacting us early on though allows us to be proactive and assist you in resolving the situation at an early stage.

Advice about disciplinary issues and grievances at work

If you have a question about an employment law issue or you have an upcoming disciplinary at work – speak to one of our experienced team.

Contact us to discuss an enquiry or a case you have or feel free to pop in and see us at your local office by clicking on the links below:

Contact an employment law solicitor

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