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Disputing an Employment Contract

Employment contracts could come under dispute for many reasons and if they do you need an expert solicitor to ensure any issues in your place of work are resolved quickly and in a way that is compliant with employment rights.  If you are involved in a dispute with your employer over any aspect of your employment contract, our specialist legal team can help you to get the result you need. You are within your legal rights to exercise your employment rights but we know how difficult claiming against an employer can be – and we guarantee support at every stage of your claim. No matter what the issue Bray & Bray can help, just call 0116 254 8871 today.

Contact our employment law solicitors

Many people are left in difficult situations due to a lack of knowledge regarding their rights in the work place. We believe it is always best for those who think there might be an issue, or believe they are being treated unfairly, to seek legal advice from friendly experts to fully understand how best to resolve their situation.  We have helped clients with a number of employment contract issues including:

  • Employment terms and conditions which were not compliant with UK law
  • Being expected to complete unreasonable tasks
  • Helping those whose employment rights or contract have been ignored by management
  • Being denied rights such as flexible working, paid leave, maternity leave.

We have experience working with companies of all sizes and always strive to maintain good working relations for our clients wherever possible.

Whether you are a new employee or have worked with the company for decades we will ensure that every employment dispute is dealt with efficiently, sensitively and with your best interests at heart.

Contact our employment law solicitors

Whatever your dispute with your employer and no matter what size the issue may be, we can help. Contact our expert team of employment solicitors to be one step closer to resolving whatever problem you are facing.

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