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Employee Compromise Agreements

Compromise agreements are contracts between employers and employees which state that an ex-employee will not be able to make any further claims against their employer on the grounds of breaches of statutory obligation. They often include a financial payment to a former employee. These types of agreements are a widely used tool in resolving workplace disputes. If you have left a job role and your former employer wants you to sign a compromise agreement then it is vital that you seek legal advice from experienced employment solicitors.  Contact Bray and Bray on 0116 254 8871 today for advice on how to proceed.

Compromise agreements – employee benefits

There are many benefits to compromise agreements for both an employer and employee. From an employer’s perspective, compromise agreements can prevent an employee taking further complaints to a tribunal. From an employee’s perspective they offer financial compensation for alleged grievances, and there is the option to have a clause attached which prevents a former employer from “bad mouthing” an employee – essential for their reputation and future job chances.

Legal advice about compromise agreements

Our solicitors will carefully consider every aspect of a compromise agreement to ensure it is watertight and includes all the right clauses. We can also ensure that there is nothing in the agreement which could have a negative impact on your future employment prospects.

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