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Funding Methods

There are various methods of funding our advice and/or your pursuit of an employment tribunal claim, they are:

Hourly Rate Fixed Fee Legal Expenses Insurance No Win, No Fee (Contingency Fee Agreement);

Hourly rate

We can advise you and/or represent you on a hourly rate plus VAT.  The amount you pay is dependant upon the amount of time spent on your matter and the level of experience of the solicitor.

We will provide full details to you if you wish to choose this option.

In pursuing employment Tribunal proceedings with this form of funding you retain 100% of any compensation or damages you recover.  Our fees are however payable whether you win or lose.

Fixed Fee

We can provide an initial interview and advice at a fixed fee.

In certain cases we may be willing to conduct the whole matter, or specific parts, at a fixed fee.  We will begin by assessing your rights and your case at an initial interview for which you will be charged a fixed fee.  Following this we will provide you with an assessment of your case.  We will then provide you with a further fee quotation in order to represent you on the matter through to its conclusion, whether that be the outcome at Tribunal, or a negotiated settlement with your employer.

If you would prefer to retain more control over the funding of your case we may also be able to assist you with one or more stages of your case at a fixed fee for each stage.

You can select from the following options, or a combination thereof:

Drafting and submitting your application to Employment Tribunal (ET1) Drafting and submitting a Discrimination questionnaire to your employer Preparing a request for further and better particulars of the defence filed by your employer Assisting you with compliance with the Disclosure and Inspection of documents stage and preparation of the tribunal hearing bundle Preparing a schedule of loss for you Assisting you with the preparation of Witness Statements for you and any relevant witnesses Advising you on the contents of the Employers Witness Statements and the potential impact on your case Preparing for and representing you at various hearings, including Case Management Discussions, Pre-Hearing Reviews, Full Hearings, Review Hearings, and Remedy Hearings.

In pursuing employment Tribunal proceedings with this form of funding you retain 100% of any compensation or damages you recover.  Our fees are however payable whether you win or lose.

Please contact the team for any advice or matters not listed above.

Insurance Cover

You may have the benefit of a legal expenses insurance policy.  These can be stand alone policies which you have taken out, or they are more frequently now provided as additions under a household insurance policy, car insurance, or other similar insurance related product.  If you have such a policy we can assist you in submitting an application to cover your legal fees.

Having the benefit of insurance cover means that your insurer will generally meet your legal fees and you will retain 100% of any compensation or damages you receive.

One issue to be aware of is that if your application to the insurer is successful, your insurer may seek to insist that you use one of their own panel solicitors and not us.  You should be aware that an insurer cannot generally restrict your right to appoint a solicitor of your choice if your claim has already been issued in the Employment Tribunal.

No Win No Fee (Contingency Fee Agreement)

We will assess your case for a fixed fee.  If the assessment of the merits and value of your claim are good then we may enter in to a No Win, No Fee (Contingency Fee) Agreement.

Our usual fee for representing in this way is around 33% of any damages we recover for you either through Tribunal hearing, or through negotiating settlement of your claim, plus payment of any disbursements incurred on your behalf, plus VAT.

If following the favourable assessment you wish to go forward on this basis we will send you a No Win, No Fee agreement along with a detailed explanation of this method.  We will then require you to carefully consider the agreement as it will reflect a legally binding contract between you and us.  We will then require a signed copy returning to us so that we can proceed.

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