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Redundancy Advice for Employees

If you are made redundant then you are entitled to certain rights – in most cases your employer must give you redundancy pay, consult with you about their decision and give you leave to find a new position elsewhere. If you are being made redundant your employer also has to follow strict legal protocol to ensure your dismissal is legal. If the proper protocol has not been followed during the redundancy process, or you have been denied your employment rights, then you could be entitled to make a claim against your employer. Here at Bray and Bray we have a dedicated employment law team skilled at defending those who have been denied their legal rights by their employer. To find out more about our services call us now on 0116 254 8871 and speak to our employment law solicitors.

Employee rights during redundancy

Redundancy can be the result of a company restructure or downsizing, or because a job role has become redundant do to modernisation and technological advances in the sector. Some employees are made redundant as it’s decided that they are unfit to carry on in a role, or they do not have the necessary skills for a job. Employees have to be selected for redundancy in certain ways – if they are not then a dismissal could be classed as unfair. Redundancy selection methods include:  • Choosing those who have been with the company for the least amount of time • Asking for volunteers • Checking disciplinary records • Looking at staff appraisals If your employer makes you redundant because of your gender, sexual orientation, religious beliefs, race or age, or because you’ve requested something which is a legal part of your contact (maternity leave, time off for jury service), you will be entitled to take legal action.

Legal advice if you have been made redundant

If your employer has not followed the right protocol during the redundancy process you could be entitled to make a claim. For a confidential discussion speak to our solicitors today.

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