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Unfair Dismissal Claims

If you have been dismissed from your workplace for reasons which break the terms of your contract, or that are discriminatory, then you may be able to make a claim for unfair dismissal. Bray and Bray’s expert employment law team have varied experience in representing those who have been unfairly removed from their job, and they are best placed to get the justice you deserve. For a confidential, non-obligation chat with our team about your situation call us today on 0116 254 8871. We have represented a range of people, in all sectors and at all stages of their career, who have been unfairly dismissed.

What is unfair dismissal?

You may have been unfairly dismissed iIf you have been removed from your job role and your employer:

  • Doesn’t have a good reason for dismissing you
  • Didn’t follow the dismissal procedure in place at your company
  • Dismissed you for automatically unfair reasons (see below for explanation)

Automatically unfair reasons for dismissal

Automatically unfair reasons for dismissal are aspects of your employment that you are legally entitled to including maternity leave, joining a trade union or making a request for flexible working. Other automatically unfair reasons for dismissal include:

  • Whistleblowing on unfair working practices
  • Requesting leave for compulsory jury service
  • Making an application for paternity or adoption leave

What to do if you have been unfairly dismissed

If you have been dismissed from your workplace and you feel that it was for unfair reasons, your employer did not follow the proper protocol or you have been effectively forced to retire, we can help. We have years of experience in making claims for unfair dismissal and we have represented employees from a variety of sectors, at various stages of their career. To find out more about making a claim for unfair dismissal contact us today.

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