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Lawyers for Road Traffic Offences

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Bray & Bray’s team of specialist road traffic offences lawyers understand how absolutely essential a driving licence is, allowing people to get to work, visit friends and deal with the day to day running of a family and their lives. Losing a licence due to road traffic offences can be devastating, leading to a loss of earnings and restrictions on getting around, in addition to fines or other penalties possibly even leading to a custodial sentence.

We have extensive experience in defending people against all kinds of motoring offence charges; if you are concerned about an impending case it’s vital you contact us as soon as possible. Call us now on 0116 254 8871. We offer a free of charge, round the clock police station attendance service – to use this call our emergency number – 07885 332421 – or call our office during working hours.

Remember, even reaching 12 penalty points for a motoring offence does not always mean that you will be disqualified. We can advise you on the right application to make to help you keep your licence in these cases.

Road Traffic Law

We have defended drivers against all kinds of motoring charges, from simple cases of missing documents to more serious cases involving fatal accidents or drink driving charges.

We can defend you against charges for the following:

  • Dangerous or careless driving
  • Speeding claims
  • Driving while disqualified
  • Drink driving
  • Missing papers – insurance documents, licence
  • Failure to stop/report an incident
  • Using a phone while behind the wheel

What to do if accused of a road traffic offence

If you have been involved in a road traffic accident, have been accused of dangerous conduct behind the wheel or you failed to report an accident, it is absolutely vital you contact a motoring offence solicitor as soon as possible.

We offer fixed fee motoring appointments where we can discuss your options and also look into whether Legal Aid would be available for your case – to arrange an appointment contact one of our three main offices in Leicestershire, by clicking on the links below.

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