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Legal Advice: Driving While Disqualified

There are three ways you can be disqualified. First, if you are convicted of an offence like drink driving that carries a mandatory ban. Secondly, a court may have a discretion to disqualify you for a bad case of careless driving, or for failing to stop after an accident. The third way is that you can be disqualified from driving for getting 12 or more penalty points, within a three-year period.

However, if you were banned, driving while disqualified is a serious offence. It is also an absolute offence – in legal terms this means that there is no need for the prosecution to prove that you intended to drive or that you were reckless about driving, they only have to prove that you were driving and that a ban was in force. (There may possibly be a get-out for a driver who can prove that they were unaware of the ban being imposed).

While there is no defence as such, those who are charged with driving while disqualified can find that, with the help of an experienced solicitor, their fines, penalty or sentence can be reduced. If you have been charged with driving while disqualified, contact Bray & Bray today to find out more about how we can help.

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Help for if charged with driving while disqualified

If you have been charged with driving while disqualified, it is vital to work with specialist motoring law solicitors who understand the specifics and key elements of motoring law. Using our knowledge and varied experience, we have helped many motorists to limit the impact that charges have on their life.

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