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If you are injured in an accident with a driver who either does not stop, leaves the scene before providing any details or provides false details, you are entitled to make an application to the Motor Insurers’ Bureau for compensation. 

If the driver did not stop at the scene of the accident but you managed to get the vehicle registration number, we can carry out a search of the Motor Insurance Database to find out if the driver was insured.

The Motor Insurers Bureau is a non-profit making organisation that is funded by motor insurers and motorists via their insurance premiums.  The Motor Insurers’ Bureau is there to compensate victims of uninsured drivers. 

As part of your application to the Motor Insurers’ Bureau, you will be entitled to claim compensation for your injuries and the financial losses you have suffered as a result of the accident.

What to do if you are involved in a road traffic accident with an untraced driver? 

  • Seek medical attention from the hospital or your GP - it is important you have a full record of your injuries in your medical records
  • Report the accident to your motor insurer and the Police immediately (and within 14 days at the latest otherwise your application may be rejected)
  • If you are able to, make sure you take the details of the driver’s registration number as well as any witnesses to the accident
  • Keep a diary of all of the symptoms of your injuries
  • Keep a record (as well as any receipts) of any expenses you incur as a result of the accident - loss of earnings, medical expenses, travel expenses all form part of your compensation 

What is the role of a personal injury solicitor in an application to the Motor Insurers’ Bureau? 

  • Discuss your road traffic accident with you and advise whether your application to the Motor Insurers’ Bureau is likely to succeed
  • Advise you on the most beneficial funding arrangement
  • Complete your application to the Motor Insurers’ Bureau
  • Request interim payments to help you financially until the claim is finished
  • Obtain medical evidence (and appropriate rehabilitation and treatment, if you need it) detailing the injuries you sustained in the accident
  • Collate details and evidence of any financial losses you have suffered as a result of the accident
  • Negotiate the best settlement possible to compensate you for the personal injury and loss you suffered 

One of our specialist solicitors will be on hand to deal with your application from start to finish and to advise you at each and every stage of the process. 

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