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Contentious Probate Disputes

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What is Contentious Probate?

Contentious probate refers to a situation where there is a dispute over a will or an inheritance, and specialist lawyers are vital in ensuring a fair outcome. At Bray & Bray we have plenty of experience in dealing with complex cases where people do not see eye to eye over an estate, and we are committed to working towards fast solutions which allow everyone involved to move forward with their lives.

If you are involved in a dispute over the will of a member of your family or another individual we can help.

Call us today on 0116 254 8871 and speak to our specialist contentious probate solicitors, including a Member of The Association of Contentious Trust and Probate Specialists (ACTAPS 2011).

Advice about Contentious Probate

We approach contentious probate in a variety of ways, depending on specific circumstances. Contentious probate cases we regularly come across include situations involving:

  • Inheritance
  • Will disputes
  • Will-drafting professional negligence claims
  • Powers of Attorney: abuse and disputes
  • Executor disputes
  • Mediation
  • Specialist trust advice
  • Undue influence
  • Negligently drafted wills/contested wills
  • Lack of testamentary capacity


Mediation is a widely used tool in the legal sector, and aims to remove the need for disputes to move into the courts. It involves frank and transparent discussions between parties, and will be carried out under the guidance of a qualified contentious probate lawyer.

Litigation for Contentious Probate disputes

Sometimes disputes over wills and estates have to be settled in court and we can represent people fighting all kinds of cases. We have represented children of a deceased parent, ex partners, will executors and many other individuals.

Our specialist solicitors

Our experience in dealing with complex cases of contentious probate is wide and we deal in plain English – you won’t be confused by legal jargon, and we’ll always ensure you are kept fully aware of any developments in your case.

We also always work on the basis that we will only do the work that you want us to do, without pressuring you to take up services that you don’t want or need right now.  Our transparency with costs and pricing also means that we will only ever charge you for what we do – rather than taking percentage of what you inherit.

To discuss an issue with a will or estate chat to our specialist contentious probate team today. Contact us to discuss an enquiry or a case you have or feel free to pop in and see us at your local office by clicking on the links below;

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