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Find out more about Duncan Jefferson – Criminal Law Partner based at our Hinckley town centre office.

Q: How long have you been working in Criminal Law?

A: 25 years.


Q: What made you want to get into Criminal Law?

A: I found it interesting – you get to meet some very interesting people!


Q: What is the most challenging type of case you have handled and won?

A: An attempted murder case whereby we managed to show that it was self-defence, as the amount of force used was legally justified in the circumstances because of the threat my client was facing.


Q: What types of cases do you have most experience in?

A: Matters of assault and theft.


Q: Why do you think so many people come to Bray & Bray to sort these types of issues out?

A:  Partly because we are the only solicitors in Hinckley town centre (which is the office I’m based at) that deals with crime.  The other reason I’d say is because clients receive a seamless service, whether at court, the police station or at their homes.


Q: Do you find that you are able to relate to certain cases and if so, which do you relate to most?

A: Mostly when acting for someone who is a victim of a crime and has been wrongly accused as the perpetrator, rather than the victim.


Q: What do you do to unwind after a busy day?

A: A crossword.


Q: What is the key to your success?

A: I think I’m quite good at dealing with people face to face and listening to them.  I always reassure clients that I’ll do my best for them and their case.


Q: If you weren’t a solicitor, what do you think you would be good at?

A: Mediation.


For advice on any aspect of criminal law, you can contact Duncan directly on email at Bray & Bray have three main offices across Leicestershire, feel free to phone or pop in to talk to our solicitors.