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Find out more about Mike Garvey – Criminal Law Partner at Bray & Bray, based at our Welford Road office in Leicester city centre.


Q: How long have you been working in Criminal Law?

A: 27 years, 22 of which I have spent at Bray & Bray.


Q: What made you want to get into Criminal Law?

A:  I fell into it really.  After working at a small general firm in St Albans, I applied for a number of jobs in the Midlands area and got a job with Leicester Magistrates Court as trainee court clerk.


Q: What is the most challenging type of case you have handled and won?

A: There are different types that have been equally challenging.  A case involving a youth with mental health problems for example is challenging because the system is not well-designed for such cases.  I have also succeeded in an appeal at Court of Appeal, and we ran and won a Judicial Review when the Crown Court got a decision wrong; but getting the right result from an attendance at the police station can be just as satisfying.


Q: What types of cases do you have most experience in?

A: I do trials in Magistrates Court and Crown Court on all kinds of crime related matters.


Q: Why do you think so many people come to Bray & Bray to sort these types of issues out?

A: Bray & Bray has a very good and longstanding reputation.  We are seen as ethical, trustworthy, and reliable. We pick up referrals from other clients, magistrates, judges, police officers, barristers, MPs etc.


Q: What do you do to unwind after a busy day?

A: I follow Chelsea FC, watch films and television, go to the theatre and read books.


Q: What is the key to your success?

A: Some natural aptitude for arguing! But there is no substitute for preparation.


Q: If you weren’t a solicitor, what do you think you would be good at?

A: I never saw myself as anything else, especially after a succession of summer jobs as a student showed me that I was unsuited to building/retail/pub/warehouse work!


For advice on any aspect of criminal law, you can contact Mike directly by email at

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