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Find out more about Toby Preston, Solicitor and Corporate Law specialist, based at our head office in Leicester city centre.


Q: How long have you been working in Corporate Law?

A: Since I qualified in 2004.


Q: What made you want to get into Corporate Law?

A: I just preferred it to other areas.  Throughout my studies and training I always liked the business side and found it easy to get to grips with.  It’s nice to work with companies and businesses that are successful and going somewhere and I get to be involved in making that happen.


Q: What is the most challenging type of case you have handled?

A: There are too many to mention, but some particularly tricky ones included; firstly a multi-jurisdictional acquisition, involving 18 sets of lawyers.  A second example would be getting rid of a rogue shareholder in a situation where the parties no longer wished to work together.


Q: What types of cases do you have most experience in?

A: Acquisitions, disposals and shareholder arrangements.


Q: Why do you think so many people come to Bray & Bray for these types of matters?

A: Because of the reputation we have for giving a great service with excellent, quality advice.  We’re good at being able to relate to the people that we work with and find that nearly always we become more of a trusted advisor, developing ongoing relationships with our clients.


Q: What do you do to unwind after a busy day?

A: Spend time with my wife and kids, go for a run, cook a meal or sample the delights of my local pub.


Q: What is the key to your success?

A: Keeping clients happy and being positive generally.


Q: If you weren’t a solicitor, what do you think you would be good at?

A: I nearly became a pilot when I was younger.  Now, I’d probably like to run my own business.


For advice on any aspect of Corporate Law, you can contact Toby directly on 0116 254 8871 or email him at