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There are a few steps involved in buying a house in Leicester and the total process can vary dramatically, from a matter of days in the fastest cases, to months if things get complicated.

In principle there is no minimum or maximum length of time to buy a house in Leicester, it all depends on how long you need to complete each stage, for example:

  • Time spent finding the perfect property.
  • Delays in getting mortgage approval.
  • Any issues that arise during conveyancing.

Here we are talking about how long it takes to buy a house in a single transaction, but of course if one purchase falls through and you end up buying a different property, that will add to the total time too.

How fast is conveyancing in Leicester?

Residential conveyancing involves a lot of hard work and attention to detail to make sure nothing is missed, from checking the legal status of your property and who owns it, to flagging up concerns about everything from boundary disputes to flood risks.

However, assuming everything goes well, and when it’s urgent, at Bray & Bray we have a strong track record of completing some of the fastest conveyancing in Leicester.

You can see some examples of this in our client testimonials and customer interviews, where we often ask clients if they were in a hurry to complete, and how fast we were able to carry out their conveyancing work.

Some examples of fast conveyancing in Leicester

Here are just a few examples of when Bray & Bray achieved the apparently impossible by pulling off some lightning fast conveyancing in Leicester property transactions and other nearby areas:

  • In Leicester, we worked hard to get a client’s elderly mum moved into a new flat for Christmas after her husband went into a care home.
  • In Hinckley, we completed the conveyancing on a buy-to-let property so the client could start making a profit sooner.
  • In Market Harborough, a client was given 5 weeks’ notice to vacate her rental property – and we were able to complete the conveyancing so she had her own place to move into instead.

In fact, we are often told that it is the other party’s solicitors who cause any delay, while our own team is praised for fast, plain English replies and going above and beyond the call of duty to make sure completions happen on the expected date.

We welcome all enquiries about Bray & Bray’s residential conveyancing in Leicester, Hinckley and Market Harborough, as well as other surrounding areas.

Just call your nearest office to find out more about how we can help complete your property transaction faster:

Hinckley: 01455 639 900

Leicester: 0116 254 8871

Market Harborough: 01858 467 181