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Do you know what types of houses there are in Market Harborough? What are the conveyancing issues for a new build, a first-time buyer or moving house?  Do you need a solicitor who knows the area with knowledge of local features to help ensure   that the correct searches are carried out?

Below are our top tips for comparing solicitors in Market Harborough when it comes to buying and/or selling a property in Market Harborough.

Comparing Market Harborough solicitors on price

Using a local solicitor for your conveyancing is great – you can pop in with signed contracts or to discuss any queries.  However, some solicitors do charge more for this level of service, so it’s always worthwhile asking how you will be able to communicate with your solicitor, even if you live or work just minutes away.

Where there is little difference in the level of service being offered to you, it makes sense to compare solicitors on what price they have offered for your conveyancing.  Sometimes, solicitors will just be expensive because they rate the value of their services to be worth more than other solicitors, but at other times they may have put their prices up to dissuade people from using them at periods when they are really busy.  It’s worth asking how busy a solicitor is if they’re quoting a much higher price – as in this case, price may be a good indicator of how long it will take for them to complete on the sale or purchase of your property.

Experienced Market Harborough solicitors

How experienced is your conveyancing solicitor?  Often, the solicitors who have been working in conveyancing law for years and years know the best ways to get the job done.  With experience comes expertise.  However, this does mean that many people could recommend a certain solicitor or firm of solicitors, which can be an important factor in making them busier than other solicitors.

The benefits of using a solicitor who knows Market Harborough

A solicitor who has been practising in Market Harborough for a while doesn’t just know the area, the properties and the potential pitfalls of moving to areas such as somewhere with poor drainage – they also know the people in Market Harborough.  Positive local relationships can be extremely beneficial when you want to get things moving.  For example, if a local solicitor works well with a local estate agent, then your conveyancing will usually be far simpler and smoother than working with individuals who don’t have experience of communicating with each other by their own preferred methods.

Recommendations about Market Harborough solicitors

Asking people who have bought or sold a property about whether they would recommend their solicitor can be invaluable.  If someone you trust can say that they received great service, then it can be worthwhile basing your decision about which conveyancing solicitors to use on their recommendation.  Similarly, they may be able to steer you in the right direction if you’re considering using a certain solicitor who may not have done such a good job.

Bray & Bray Solicitors in Market Harborough

Our conveyancing team in Market Harborough are experienced highly qualified and know the area well.  Many of the team actually live in Market Harborough and the surrounding area, as well as working there too.

To speak to a specialist conveyancer at our Market Harborough office, call 01858 467181 or pop in and see us at 51 High Street, LE16 7AF.