How to write a job advert (infographic):

How to write a job advert text:

Attracting the best candidate for a job can take time, but you can increase your chances of finding the right candidate by constructing an appealing job advert! Follow these simple rules to find out how:

Choose the job title carefully

When choosing a job title, think about the candidate.  What are they likely to search for?  Some companies like to promote their “unique” aspects by using a quirky job title, when in reality the role is just the same as any other role in that field.  Unless you are a large, popular company, keep the job title simple to increase your advert’s visibility.

Use a simple structure in your job advert

When it comes to structure, you should include the following:

Summary of the role and company:

Keep this section short.  You want to intrigue the candidate by giving them a persuasive overview of the role, but also help them decide 1.) whether they are suitable and 2.) whether they should keep reading to find out more.

Role responsibilities:

Here’s where you can get a bit more specific by listing the main tasks that the successful candidate would need to perform.  Relate this to your business if possible to help the candidate visualise their place in the company and how their work will be a part of helping your business succeed. Remember: This is a job advert, not a full job description, so it’s not essential to include every detail of the job.  Just enough information to attract the right kind of candidate.

Person specification:

Depending on the role and requirements, you can either be specific here or split your specifications into necessary and desirable attributions.  The latter should return more CVs, giving you a greater but potentially less specific choice of candidates. Include: Skills (Microsoft Office), Qualifications (Degree educated), Personal Qualities (Compassionate), Interests (Travel, Architecture, Business).  Relating back to how this ties in with the job role can also help candidates decide whether they should apply for your role. Rewards: Once you have sold a candidate on a role, you also want to sell your company.  Include anything that will help build a positive image to the candidate.  This can include:

  • Incentives for reaching KPIs, such as team lunches and financial bonuses
  • The benefits of your company’s location e.g. easy transport links and local amenities
  • Company car, mobile phone, laptop
  • Free gym membership
  • Health insurance

Clear call to action:

Once you have hooked a candidate in, give them an easy way to apply for the role.  This can be an easy “apply now” button or a simple contract details section providing the email and phone number of the relevant person. Remember: When writing a job advert you want your company to sound professional but approachable.  Choose an informative and personable tone of voice to avoid turning away potential candidates.