The world of work is ever-changing, and new circumstances and government guidelines will likely continue to impact businesses and how they manage their workforces through 2022. 

Helen Clay, Head of HR at Bray & Bray, outlines the top HR trends business leaders and HR professionals should be looking out for this year.

HR trends for 2022

COVID will remain an issue on everyone’s minds as we move through 2022. As well as considering the logistics of running their business in uncertain times, business owners must keep in mind the potential for a continuation of home and remote working and prioritise the safety and wellbeing of employees. 

The shift to hybrid working as a result of the pandemic is likely to lead many businesses to question the need to have all employees in a physical office on a day-to-day basis. Across many sectors, we have seen that hybrid working can successfully facilitate productivity, and the flexibility it brings has been welcomed by many. As we continue to navigate the pandemic and its repercussions, I expect hybrid working will be something businesses will need to look at more closely if they are to achieve the right balance for the business and its employees.  

Currently, employees can request flexible working following 26 weeks of employment, but the government is set to change this, so it becomes a right from day one of employment. Although this won’t affect the process of making a request, and the decision to accept any request will still lie with the employer, it is something that businesses will need to be mindful of when taking on new staff.   

Towards the end of 2021, the government confirmed that the Health and Social Care Levy will be implemented from April 2022, resulting in an increase in the amount of National Insurance we pay. As businesses begin to look at employee salary reviews and increases for 2022, they may well receive queries from their staff on how any increases will offset the impact of the levy on their take-home pay. Add to this the potential financial impact of the pandemic on many businesses, the introduction of the levy will certainly be a key topic for business leaders and HR professionals alike this year.

Helen Clay is our Head of HR and has extensive knowledge of HR practices across many sectors and industries. 

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